Signature’s headquarters is located in a converted 100 year-old factory at 409 Canal Street in Milldale, Connecticut, just 15 miles from Farmington. It’s home to our diverse staff of world-class talent that bring their major-market experience to create our award-winning success stories. Surrounded by the brand stations that remind us of our successful integrated marketing campaigns, we spend our days crafting solutions for our clients in the healthcare, defense, higher education, financial and insurance services, and consumer goods industries. For us, it’s a chance to play in a huge open space, doing the things we love most.


Home to Signature Advertising, 409 Canal Street is a 100-year-old factory that has been transformed into one of the most beautiful working spaces in the country. Originally built for the Clark Brothers Bolt Company, the factory made bolts. The 107,000-square-foot space was largely neglected for several decades before Signature founder and principal Bruce Staebler purchased it in 2005. Bruce saw the historical and business possibilities of the space (describing it as “raw” would be an understatement) and took on the challenge of bringing it into the 21st Century.

The result is by any account, stunning. Combining early-20th-century architecture with 21st-century amenities, Bruce created a dynamic combination of old and new that immediately makes clients feel welcome.

Sometimes we think of it as a kind of incubator, hatching creative solutions for our clients. But most of the time, we call it “The Brand Factory” – the eclectic space where we work and play that inspires us to craft the award-winning marketing and branding campaigns we’re best known for.