An Oasis for Dialysis Patients


Conventional dialysis treatment requires a connection to pure water, and lots of it. That’s a challenge for renal care at disaster sites, war zone field hospitals, in drought areas, and even in some homes and nursing homes. DIALISORB Regenerative Sorbent Technology can be used anywhere. It’s portable and requires roughly 6 liters of potable tap water.


Signature saw that the key was targeting the specific audiences standing to gain from DIALISORB’s benefits. We developed strategies that match DIALISORB’s valuable benefits with market needs on several fronts. First, it’s the answer when water is limited. Second, it opens opportunities for the most sought-after forms of renal therapy, home therapy and mobile therapy. Third, it helps answer government pressures to bring down costs.


While awaiting FDA approval of DIALISORB, Signature has developed targeted communications to educate and raise awareness of this new brand.

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