re-branding Metro as a mortgage center


Metro Mortgage was a familiar name with a strong portfolio of business, but was ready for a brand update to fit better with the arrival of new partners, a new facility, and an expansion of services. Metro needed to set itself apart in a rapidly expanding and fiercely competitive mortgage market.

Signature Advertising recommended re-branding Metro as a mortgage center. The EPI Mortgage Center offers loans for builders, home construction, and the traditional residential market. The strategy also recognizes the potential future business relationships among all three markets with the tagline: “Closings that open new relationships.”

Signature developed a campaign that not only attracted customers, it re-energized the workforce and created a match between company behavior and the brand promise. EPI Mortgage Center created a company culture of outstanding customer service leading to lasting relationships, increased referrals, and business growth.

EPI 0000 Brand
EPI 0001 Brand Tree
EPI 0002 Stationery
EPI 0003 Ad   Dream House
EPI 0004 Ad   Creative Financing
EPI 0005 Folder
EPI 0006 Web Pages
Epi Billboard
EPI 0008 Lawn Sign
EPI 0009 Proj Banners

Award-winning marketing talent, maximum return on investment.

The Signature team is comprised of major-market talent, with a slew of award-winning projects on their resumes. However, it’s our shared passion for client success that truly sets us apart. We’re not here to sell you services you don’t need. Instead, we carefully assess and then assemble elements of your project to create a message that resonates with your target audience, ensuring the maximum return on your investment.




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