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    Fosdick Fulfillment, headquartered in Wallingford, CT, is one of the nation’s largest fulfillment companies. With its 1.6 million square feet of warehouse space stretched across North America, Fosdick warehouses, picks and packs, ships and takes orders for merchandise sold by hundreds of companies.

    Fosdick came to us in 2016, asking for a brand and marketing refreshing. E-commerce had transformed the fulfillment industry into a dynamic, real-time, technology-fueled business and Fosdick wanted a website and branding/marketing program reflective of this new dynamic environment.


    Signature redesigned the site completely from ground up (, giving each of Fosdick’s many specialties its own section and integrating seamlessly with Fosdick’s password protected client portal. The site went live in November of 2016.

    Award-winning marketing talent, maximum return on investment.

    The Signature team is comprised of major-market talent, with a slew of award-winning projects on their resumes. However, it’s our shared passion for client success that truly sets us apart. We’re not here to sell you services you don’t need. Instead, we carefully assess and then assemble elements of your project to create a message that resonates with your target audience, ensuring the maximum return on your investment.