rugged computing solutions


VT Miltope competes in the rugged computing market. Under battle conditions, with challenging environments, the need for rugged computing solutions is clear. VT Miltope uses the most powerful Intel chipsets, the lightest, strongest materials, and smart engineering to build rugged on-the-ground and airborne systems—from laptops and mounted computers to control panels, servers, and wireless access points.


The main competitor for VT Miltope in the rugged computing market was Panasonic’s rugged laptop, posing a formidable competitor with its name recognition advantage. To compete, Signature knew we would need a powerful brand that looks, feels, and sound sindestructible. We also knew how important 24/7 global technical support would be for total reliability.


Signature created the brand VT Miltope HARD WEAR which encompassed all its rugged systems together with technical and customer support. We then launched a multi-media campaign to build name recognition and product awareness, and created tools and ideas for developing stronger relationships with key customers.

Miltope 0000 Ads   HardWear
Miltope 0000 Brand
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Miltope 0001 Ads   HardWear
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Award-winning marketing talent, maximum return on investment.

The Signature team is comprised of major-market talent, with a slew of award-winning projects on their resumes. However, it’s our shared passion for client success that truly sets us apart. We’re not here to sell you services you don’t need. Instead, we carefully assess and then assemble elements of your project to create a message that resonates with your target audience, ensuring the maximum return on your investment.




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