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Naugatuck Bank, a well-respected member of the local business community, found its turf being invaded by large national and regional banks such as Bank of America, Liberty Bank and Webster Bank as they were all pouring lots of dollars in Connecticut media. In light of this competitive onslaught, Naugatuck needed to elevate its presence in the local marketplace.


From research, Signature learned that Naugatuck Savings Bank received high marks from customers, but was not on the radar screen of noncustomers. Additionally, Naugatuck had a few secret weapons. Its line-up of products was progressive – online banking, a Call Center, Investment Center and Internet Cafe. Plus they were willing to lend. The bank emphasized friendly customer service, and had long been active in the community, as were many individual employees.


Using the tagline “Experience the Difference,” we effectively told the bank’s story, focusing on individual points of difference, in television, newspaper advertising, direct mail, and public relations and allowing the bank to thrive within the new competitive landscape.

NagBank 0001 Hierarchy

NagBank 0001 Hierarchy

NagBank 0002 Logo

NagBank 0002 Logo

NaugBank  0000 Ads

NaugBank 0000 Ads

NaugBank  0001 Billboard1

NaugBank 0001 Billboard1

NaugBank  0002 Billboard2

NaugBank 0002 Billboard2

NaugBank  0003 Brochures

NaugBank 0003 Brochures

NaugBank  0004 Stuffer

NaugBank 0004 Stuffer

NaugBank  0005 E Mail

NaugBank 0005 E Mail

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NaugBank 0007 KidsPoster

NaugBank  0008 IPad

NaugBank 0008 IPad

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NaugBank 0009 Newsletter1

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NaugBank 0010 Newsletter2

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NaugBank 0011 Letterhead

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NaugBank 0012 Inserts

NaugBank  0013 BW Ads

NaugBank 0013 BW Ads

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