Illuminating Optics


ROI was a relatively small, innovative and agile company which designed and manufactured optical systems for highly advanced weapon systems – their two main product lines being reconnaissance cameras for aircraft and weapons optics for remotely operated weapons systems. The optical systems played a critical role because it allowed combat personnel to control weapons systems from a vantage point where they would be more protected and less subject to enemy fire. It was vitally important that the company position itself correctly as it competed with some major well-known brands such as General Dynamics and Goodrich and several very important government contracts were on the line.


Signature rebranded ROI as Recon Optical including a new visual identity. Signature then developed a series of product ads united under the tagline “Security In-Sight.” Each ad celebrated the product and told the story of how that product helped keep our military heroes out of the line of fire as they operated their sophisticated weaponry. Although each ad focused on one product, as a campaign they elevated the overall image of Recon.


Our rebranding effort and campaign put Recon Optical in a strong position to compete for CROWS 2 (Common Remotely Operated Weapons Systems).

Recon 0000 Brand
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