From mergers and acquisitions, SPX Precision Components emerged with a new name, but without its brand equity. The business needed to rebuild awareness and reinvigorate its brand promise of delivering flight-critical components to satisfy a demanding US Department of Defense customer.


Signature realized that the SPX point of difference was quality on multiple levels. However, getting that point across was easier said than done because everyone in the industry claimed “quality.” So, when in reality you are the quality leader, how do you differentiate yourself in a believable and compelling manner? The highly-prestigious Paris Air Show was approaching, and SFX needed to have a presence that would elevate its brand above all others.


Signature developed a video to be the centerpiece of SFX’s presence at the air show. But Signature went way beyond the production of a conventional video. We used our in-house 3d animation resources to feature a prominent and iconic ‘X,’ – drilling home the new brand equity – and added compelling images of the SPX workforce, machining technology and today’s most advanced aircraft. Dynamic camera angles and animated aircraft transitions lifted the production. The inherent quality of the video conveyed the quality of the client. As a result, SFX’s presence at the Paris Air Show was a big success.

SPX 0000 Intro
SPX 0001 Vid Still A
SPX 0002 Vid Still B
SPX Banner
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