world class performance above the line


VT Systems is a US-based engineering company with global reach that specializes in the areas of Aerospace, Electronics, Marine and Land-Based Systems. Signature was asked to develop a corporate brochure and several ads for the company. We devised the over-arching tagline “Performance on the Line,” positioning the company as delivering excellent performance for its customers most valuable assets under the most demanding conditions.

VTS 0000 Logo1
VTS 0001 Logo2
VTS 0002 Logo3
VTS 0003 Logo4
VTS 0004 Logo5
VTS 0005 Logo6
VTS 0006 StyleGuide
VTS 0007 Stationary
VTS 0008 Ad
VTS 0009 Brochure
VTS 0010 Website
VTS 0011 Interactive Sales Kit
VTS 0012 Touch Screen Display
VTS 0013 Trade Show Booth
VTS ADs 0000 Ad1
VTS ADs 0001 Ad2
VTS ADs 0002 Ad3
VTS ADs 0003 Ad4

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