17 Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2019

17 Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2019

Is 2019 the year that you finally take control of your firm’s marketing? I hope so.

Imagine being at the top of Google for your keywords; receiving high-quality, qualified traffic; growing your client base, and increasing profits.

In this article, I’ll show you the latest techniques in digital marketing you can incorporate into your 2019 marketing strategy and a collection of law firm marketing ideas you can leverage to start attracting a steady stream of customers to your firm.

Let’s get started.

1. Start by building a brand

Branding is not just about having expensive letterheads and business cards and winning marketing awards.

If you want to shape a marketing strategy, you need the right message. It should be based around some fundamentals of the image that you want your law firm to project.

This is your brand and it should take into account the following:

Your USPs – what makes your law firm unique?

It’s easy to see what’s unique about our long-time client Matt Foley, for instance.

For someone filing for bankruptcy, a friendly law firm (when the rest of the world is aggressively hounding you for money) is a message that has proven to resonate with customers.

What’s your value proposition – why should anyone listen to you?

Another firm, The Levoritz Law Group, is very clear about why his target audience (fathers going through a divorce or child custody battle) should hire his firm. Trust me, this landing page converts like crazy.

What do you consistently do better than the rest – how do you differentiate yourself from the many competing law firms?

The Vogel LLP website is very clear about why their target audience should listen.

Branding doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on the needs of your customers and keep it simple.

Once you’ve established your messaging, work it into all your marketing channels: website, social media, professional networks, offline literature, etc.

2. Demonstrate credibility & authority

A solid law firm marketing strategy should involve both passive and active marketing activities.

A good example of passive marketing is your website copy that helps build credibility and authority around your firm.

Here are a few good examples of what you should make sure to include in your online marketing in 2019:

Awards you’ve received

Cohen & Marzban in LA establishes instant credibility from featuring details about the awards it has won.

Including text is fine (and great for SEO) but it’s even more visually effective if you can include logos or images of your awards.

Reviews from your clients

Instant credibility is also provided by reviews and testimonials from past clients. Dunham & Jones features a page of testimonials for each practice area, with case results detailed too.

Case studies to demonstrate expertise

Look how MHB&S Law Offices in Wisconsin highlight case studies to demonstrate their expertise and success…[Read More]

Roger Chiocchi

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