The Rise of AI in Marketing and Businesses

Artificial intelligence, also known as “AI” has been on the rise with programs such as ChatGPT, DALL-E-2, and Snapchat AI becoming popular worldwide. These machines mimic human intelligence by combining already pre-existing data and generating them for users. 77% of businesses today are already using or exploring AI.

AI has especially impacted the digital marketing world. These machines are capable of accurately and effectively analyzing mass amounts of data in a matter of seconds, saving marketers time and effort to focus more on creative design processes. They are able to analyze their target audiences’ buying behavior/preferences and predict future purchase intentions to help show consumers personalized content that best fits them.

Additionally, the usage of chatbots has become increasingly popular among businesses worldwide. These bots act as a customer service representative that can interact with users and answer standard questions. They are always available and reply within seconds, compared to waiting for an email back from a person. Chatbots also analyze the information they receive from the user and observe the pages and links they visit.

There is a current fear that AI will completely replace marketers in the future. Although the answer is unclear, it is unlikely this will happen. AI can only simply regurgitate already existing ideas and data. It lacks creativity, empathy, emotion, and originality which are traits that no machine can currently possess.



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