Twitter Will Be Paying Users for Ads

On June 10th, Twitter’s former CEO Elon Musk announced that they will soon be paying creators for ads in their replies. 

“First block payment totals $5M,” Musk tweeted, “Note, the creator must be verified and only ads served to verified users count.” 

Since Musk bought Twitter in October, the company has struggled financially, losing millions in ad revenue with ad sales down by 59%. Twitter is likely making this change to prevent its ad revenue from plummeting any further. 

This is noted to be Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino’s, first step towards improving the platform. Yaccarino took over Twitter on June 5th to be Musk’s replacement. She is noted to have extensive background in advertising where she previously worked at NBC Universal as the head of advertising.

It is not yet known what verified users are eligible to be paid for ads or what type of posts they will be promoted under. More information will likely be released in the near future, allowing us to observe further changes Yaccarino makes to the platform.



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