3D ADs are Eye-Catching to Passersby

In the digital advertising world, 3D ads have become the latest phenomenon with billboards popping up in London, Tokyo, and other cities around the world. The ultra realism of the billboard’s visuals effectively capture people’s attention, making them stop and view the ad all the way through due to curiosity and fascination. 

Many of the billboards offer the perfect blend of entertainment, flashiness, and advertising to keep the viewer engaged while promoting their brand. In Tokyo, an ad for Nike’s Air Max shoes displays the shoes floating out the box and getting customized by a pair of robot-like hands. In Wuhan, China, a giant billboard displays an enormous flying saucer floating around in great detail. This billboard has attracted many viewers and it has since become a popular tourist destination in Wuhan. 

3D technology combines two images taken from different angles to make the visual appear 3D. Advertisers often use curved displays with two faces so our left and right eye can view the ad from different points which will give the illusion that it’s three-dimensional.  

Because these billboards are creative and fascinating to viewers, they increase traffic to the brand’s website and sales. They are said to increase sales by 107% as compared to 54% of classic billboards. Due to the worldwide success and admiration for these 3D ads, we may see more of them pop up in different cities in the near future. 


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