The Genius Movie Marketing Strategy for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has become a smashing success worldwide. Even before its release on July 21st, there was constant buzz surrounding the film, with many people eagerly awaiting its release. Not only is Barbie fun for kids, but it’s nostalgia touches the hearts of many adults. The marketing team behind the movie were wildly successful with their campaign, effectively targeting both adults and children. 

One of the most successful parts of the campaign was the “Barbie Selfie Generator.” This was an AI generated tool that would allow users to easily edit themselves onto a Barbie movie poster. They could customize the image, color of background, and text. They could chose to follow the “This Barbie is” format that was used on the original posters, or write whatever they pleased. 

A life size Barbie dream house was also built to celebrate Barbie’s release. Located in Malibu, two lucky guests could win the chance to spend a night exploring the real-life dollhouse. The house was decked head to toe in pink with a pool, dance floor, bar, and water slide. 

Additionally, the campaign included numerous collaborations with various well-known brands. Barbie partnered with Xbox to release colorful new controllers, NYX to release a summer makeup line, Swoon to release a pink lemonade, and so many more. 

And of course, what is the release of a new Barbie movie without a collection of dolls to go with it? Barbie put out its line of dolls inspired by the movie, with kids being able to own a Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling doll. The dolls come in a variety of different outfits that replicate what the characters wore in the movie. 



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