2019 Key Digital Marketing Growth Stats [Infographic]

Social media stats and trends can offer us great insight into where we should plan to spend our time and resources. Lucky for us, Mobile Marketer and Marketing Dive recently published articles highlighting new data and major trends in digital marketing so far this year:

  1. Marketing 2019: Key stats at the half (by Marketing Dive)
  2. Mobile marketing 2019: Key stats at the half (by Mobile Marketer)

The infographic below shares a few social media marketing stats found in these two articles; use these to improve your overall understanding of the state of social media marketing in 2019.

Credit: by Emma Wiltshire

1. Global online ad spend continues to rise significantly.

Originally, global online ad spend was forecast to grow by 4% this year, but that has been updated with current trends showing growth to be closer to 4.7% growth. According to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, this means online advertising will reach $329 by 2021, accounting for 49% of all global ad spend.

It should be noted that marketers’ are continuing to invest more and more in social media and other forms of digital advertising. ..[ Read More ]


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