4 Ways an Advertising Agency Can Help You Ace Your Next Pitch

4 Ways an Advertising Agency Can Help You Ace Your Next Pitch

By Jordan M.
Intern, Signature Advertising

A pitch presentation is one of the most stressful situations entrepreneurs will find themself in. Standing in a room, filled with dozens of eye balls, all focused directly at you. We all know why you’re there, you want more than anything to land this client. The only thing that separates you from certain success is the pitch.

In moments like these, a solid presentation can mean the difference between landing the next big client, and going home empty handed. It is imperative that you are able to put your best foot forward, and prove to the world that you mean business. However, convincing someone to sign on the dotted line is easier said than done. Evidently, when push comes to shove, you are fighting an uphill battle. Have you ever considered hiring a professional to help you prepare your presentation? Agencies like Signature Brand Factory have a series of strict guidelines to help create, tailor, and prepare your next pitch.

I was recently able to sit in just such a meeting, as a local I.T. services came to Signature seeking help in creating a PowerPoint and refining their talking points, allowing me to notice several key advantages an ad agency can give you when developing your pitch. I’ve constructed a list of four of the most important things I saw.

  1. We have been there and done that.

This isn’t our first rodeo. With over 20 years of experience, a company like Signature does not play around. Our goal is to create value for you and your company and we do our job well. A marketing agency is more than social media and blog posts, more often than not, an agency will use advanced psychology to come up with a strategy that is statistically most likely to convert leads into sales.

  1. Six Heads are better than one.

You, your business partners, and a room full of industry experts all engaged in a round table discussion leads to idea after idea. A diverse room of different perspectives leads to a well-rounded and thoughtful presentation something that says to your potential clients “This company has really done their research, and they really know what they’re doing.”

  1. An entire graphics department will make your presentation stand out

Simply put, looks matter, it’s not unheard of that a smart, deserving and qualified individual has been passed over because they did not take the time to present themselves well. It’s a fact of life, it is important to portray yourself in a positive light. Luckily for you, most ad agencies come with in-house designers and sometimes even an entire graphic design department. Let these experts do their magic and I promise you they’ll come up with one of the most advanced and intricate PowerPoints you have ever seen.

  1. We understand presentations are made to people.

Pitches are not made in a vacuum, and the people at the other side of the table are not robots. We do not present you with a script, that you are expected to memorize and recite at the drop of a hat. Rather, we know that in order to make your pitch truly memorable, it must be personable. Being able to talk passionately about your product or service comes across in your presentations. The practice and experience gained among professionals lets you understand what it means to be personable. Remember, you’re not just a salesperson, you’re inviting yourself to join someone’s family, hoping that they like you enough to let you in.♢


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