A Meaningful Customer-Centric Digital Strategy

Data is fast becoming the most valuable commodity known to man. As an infinite resource with evolving applications, the pace at which organizations can acquire, manage the flow of, and leverage data is becoming a crucial factor in the future success of businesses, write Pamela Walker and Tom Murdoch.

Today we see businesses are creating a digital strategy alongside their brand strategy. In essence, these are two tightly interlinked partners, dancing to the same tune, whereby the digital strategy serves as a transition to becoming a core component of corporate strategy in any digital-enabled business. 

With increasing computational power and 83% increase of users connecting1 to the internet in just five years (2.4 billion users in 2014 to 4.4 billion users in 2019), disruption is well underway, harnessing the opportunity for business impact. Pharma is a big sphere seeing that disruption, with a large focus on personalized health ‘care’ that is front and centre. Computational power here is optimizing the way patients adhere to their drug regimens, the diagnostic process, and educational support for those across the patient ecosystem. 

This means, that without a clear, customer-centric digital experience at the core of every brand, it is impossible to deliver on the brand promise at scale; impossible to deliver the customer experience that drives loyalty, uptake, and growth…[Read More]


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