Building An E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Building An E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

You have done the grunt work of building your business. That includes setting up your online store, ensuring products and services are in stock and responding to customer inquiries as rapidly as possible, either with live service reps or an installed chatbot. Within your niche, you solve a problem that plagues consumers and fulfill demand with well-placed supply.

Now, what’s next? You want to reach your target market and gain the share for your niche. To do that, you have to prove that your company provides value. You need e-commerce marketing when you run an e-commerce store.

What Is E-Commerce Marketing?

E-commerce marketing is creating and delivering value for an online audience. You wish to prove to the world that your business is salable, and scalable if it grows. To do so, your business has to reach out and make that connection.

E-commerce marketing is different from a standard marketing campaign in that you have to deliver tangible value. Traditional marketing may involve advertisements on television or in magazines or reaching out to people on the street. When people are online, they consume content.

Research The Online Frontier

Once, the internet was a digital wilderness and free-for-all. People could post their items on eBay or on personal sites and see if they were popular. In some cases, individuals discovered niches by accident. Consider, for example, how Jeff Bezos created Amazon and drove brick-and-mortar bookstores out of business in various cities.

These days, the frontier has more settlements since the 1990s dot-com bubble, and more regulations have entered the fray. Per the European Union’s new laws, consumers have to opt in to receive newsletters and such, while websites have to notify them when data cookies are used to collect information. Read up on all of the new rules, and decide how best to abide by them….[Read More]



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