Butterballs’s Turkey Help Hotline is Bracing for Thousands of Calls Tomorrow

As you read this, the experts at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line are getting ready to field more than 10,000 Thanksgiving Day phone calls from people trying to avert disaster in the kitchen. Last year, to be precise, they handled 11,265 calls, 3,758 texts, 1,002 live chats and 371 emails, according to The New York Times. Those who think their turkey-roasting skills are subpar can take comfort in the fact that others are struggling too. The 50 or so staffers at the hotline told The Times that:

“People ask if they can thaw a turkey in the dishwasher, under an electric blanket or in the backyard pool. One man threw a wrapped turkey in the bath water with his two children.”

If the idea of a call-in hotline seems adorably old-school in 2019, it’s because it is: Edelman dreamed up the project in 1981, and the PR firm still helps coordinate it, The Times says. 

Also: Ad Age’s Judann Pollack interviewed a longtime Butterball hotline staffer back in 2017, and there’s a funny anecdote in their conversation about a Labradoodle who messed with a Thanksgiving turkey…[Read More]

Roger Chiocchi

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