Disney+ has 10 Million Subscribers already. Plus, the John Lewis Holiday Ad is Here

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Disney’s big day
That didn’t take long: A day after launching, the Disney+ streaming service says it has racked up more than 10 million subscribers. The number, which includes pre-orders, was stronger than analysts had expected, Variety reports, and shares of Walt Disney Co. closed up more than 7 percent yesterday.

Frankly, though, why would anybody be surprised by how big this is? The service offers content from Disney, Pixar, “Star Wars,” Marvel and National Geographic. Who hasn’t scrolled through Netflix and somehow, despite all the content there, decided to pay $3.99 instead to rent some nostalgia-inducing Disney flick on Amazon Prime? (For this writer, it was “Flight of the Navigator” and “Splash”.)  And isn’t it kind of creepy and sad when kids watch YouTube videos of other children unboxing toys? Wouldn’t you rather plop them in front of “Toy Story”?

For children and people who used to be children, Disney is still the gold standard. (Except for those direct-to-video “Cinderella” sequels. Those were just wrong.)…[Read More]




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