Fans Getting Charged Up to See Ford’s New Electric Mustang SUV

Fans Getting Charged Up To See Ford’s New Electric Mustang SUV

The Mustang — one of the most quintessentially American cars — is about to kick off a new chapter. After years of secrecy, Ford is unveiling the Mustang Mach-E, an electric SUV “inspired” by the classic car’s key design elements.

The big reveal is happening Sunday in Los Angeles, days ahead of the annual auto show there.

The Detroit-based company’s classic hush-hush marketing strategy has had fans of the iconic car scouring the Internet for clues about how it will look and drive. And, on Thursday night, they hit the mother lode. Or at least, it’s possible they hit it.

For a brief window, someone at Ford published the SUV’s reservations website, complete with photos, specs and pricing. But the site was quickly taken down and Ford has not confirmed any of the details that it contained, which seems to have fanned the flames for eager fans.

Among them, is Gary Hankins, who said he’s been trying to piece together bits of information about the car for the last two years — an admirable feat considering he didn’t even know the name of the car until this week.

All Ford is officially saying for now is that the SUV will be on the market in late 2020 — part of the company’s $11 billion investment in electric cars. The automaker also says the estimated range of the SUV will be a whopping 300 miles on a single charge.

That was enough to make Hankins, a retired D.C. cop, “go absolutely gaga,” according to his friends. For Hankins, the fact that it’ll look a little like a Mustang is “really icing on the cake.”

Finally owning a car with the Mustang named attached would be the fulfillment of a teenage dream….[Read More]



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