Five Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Social Media Strategy

Five Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Social Media Strategy

So, you’ve spent all this money on an advanced social listening tool to help your business make the most of its social media strategy. Now what?

Here are five hacks that can take your social performance from good to great.

  1. Set clear timeframes

Are you tracking a certain campaign? Or is your social listening an ongoing effort (as it probably should be)?

Identify the time-frames you will be monitoring and reporting on. Consider monitoring elements such as brand mentions, trending hashtags and industry news daily and other elements such as competitors’ performance, upcoming events, and A/B test results every month instead. This social media checklist provides a handy breakdown of what should be monitored on a daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly basis.

  1. Create alerts

You know what doesn’t wait for your reporting timeframes? A crisis! Or a viral trend!

That’s why you need to set up alerts that track spikes in activity (great for jumping on a trend before your competitors), or buzzwords that might indicate not-so-great news for your brand. This gives you the real-time advantage of being able to act quickly and activate PR crisis plans …[Read More]



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