Getting Ready for Your First Trade Show? Here’s How to Prepare

Participating in trade shows can benefit your business in a number of ways. However, in order to get the most value out of them, you need to be properly prepared.

There are a number of steps you need to keep in mind before jumping right into your first trade show. How much you want to spend, which shows to attend and how you want your booth to look are among some of the major steps you need to focus on in your planning stages.

Here is a list of the major checkpoints you need to keep in mind before going in full throttle into your first trade show: 

Setting a budget

The budget is the most crucial aspect of any marketing activity. It defines how you come across to your target audience Do you want to be seen as a stingy company, or one that doesn’t mind spending some extra money for a quality display?

Keep in mind that buying all of your displays isn’t a must. One way to save some money is to rent your exhibit booths, which are easily portable and easy to install. This allows you some extra room to play around with your budget. A lot of participants make the mistake of not setting up a specific budget. This often results in added expense and numerous cost overruns. 

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Choosing a location

The location of the trade show plays a vital role in attracting the right target audience. Many major trade shows have a fixed venue and do shows at the same venue repeatedly. While these shows might draw the largest audiences, they are often the most expensive to participate in.

You should start researching shows well in advance, so if you do want to participate in one of the well-known shows you can take advantage of any early bird discounts. This will make sure that you don’t end up overspending at the last moment. Also, some locations are bound to close quickly so you need to seal the deal quite early.

Preparing your team

The sales and the marketing team members you send to the show are vital to your end goals, as they are the ones who are going to drive the conversation between your brand and potential customers. You should consider some added training sessions so they can brush up their skills before the actual event.

The training might range from learning how to address the questions of visitors, to managing the booth display setup during the event. They should also be ready with backup plans in case of an emergency type situation and they can’t proceed as planned…[Read More]



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