Fox Sells Out Its Super Bowl Live Commercial Inventory

If you’re a marketer who had been taking a wait-and-see approach to snapping up an in-game ad unit in Fox’s upcoming broadcast of Super Bowl LIV, you’re pretty much out of luck. After Seth Winter spent the better part of the last few weeks warning would-be clients that the last of the Big Game inventory was about to run out, the executive VP of sales for Fox Sports sold the last available spot on Friday. 

Not a single commercial unit is being held back for the stragglers who may have been iffy on their creative or were simply hoping to hold out for a better price. The early bird has a belly full of worm meat. Better luck next year.

Pricing for Fox’s Super Bowl LIV units topped out at $5.6 million per 30-second spot, a high watermark for the broadcast.

Winter says that he and his team were diligent about keeping advertisers abreast of Fox’s rapidly dwindling in-game commercial inventory. “Because we didn’t want anyone to get caught out, we over-communicated to the marketplace that this was going at a pace we’d never seen before,” he says. “We’d spent weeks imploring them: ‘We are serious! We are going to sell out!’”

Winter says this year’s sellout moved faster than his previous deck-clearing efforts at NBC. In recent memory, the speediest sales push was engineered by Fox in 2010, when the network signed off on its last in-game unit in Super Bowl XLV three days before Halloween. That effort was fueled by the post-recession recovery and the fact that NFL ratings were at a record high at the time. …[Read More]



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