Facebook’s First Corporate Logo Is All About Differentiating the Company From the Platform

Facebook’s First Corporate Logo Is All About Differentiating the Company From the Platform


It’s a new era at Facebook: On Nov. 4, the tech giant unveiled its first-ever corporate logo, a wordmark meant to represent the company as a whole, including all of its subsidiaries—among them Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus—as well as, of course, the social media platform.

Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio said the idea of creating a unified corporate identity has been in the works since he started at the company, about a year and a half ago. Some of his earliest conversations with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg were about “the need for the corporate entity, for Facebook the corporation, to have its own narrative, its own look and feel separate from the app.”

“The type of conversations that we need to have are topics of world relevance that transcend each and every one of the apps,” Lucio said. “Topics like election interference, information privacy, data management, but also issues like the positive impact that social media has on the world as well as the vision that Mark and this company have for the internet with the convergence of people, technology and information.”

Facebook announced the news of its new corporate identity to employees in a post on its internal Newsroom page, but many in the company—as well as users—were consulted during the process of creating the new wordmark.

Lucio described Facebook’s marketing strategy as threefold: The first priority is to rebuild the corporation’s reputation and public trust; the second, to “ensure that each and every one of our individual apps has the right voice with its right user base, with comprehensive experiences that people want;” and the third is for users to understand that “all these offerings brands are coming from the from the same place.”……[Read More]

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