NBC Seeks as much as $25 Million for Sponsorship of its Streaming Service


NBC Universal is seeking about 10 marketers as sponsors for the launch of its Peacock streaming service, with packages costing as much as $25 million, according to people familiar with the pitch.

Currently, the company is out with a $25 million package and a $15 million package. The $25 million package would guarantee marketers a 10 percent share of voice on the platform for 18 months, while the $15 million buy would give marketers a 10 percent share for six months, at which point it would be reduced to a 5 percent share for the remaining 12 months. This would open up inventory for more advertisers to buy commercials on the streaming service.

NBC is not guaranteeing numbers of subscribers or impressions, according to the sources, which could be a point of contention in negotiations. 

Marketers are certainly keeping an eye on Peacock, since it is one of the only high-profile streaming services poised to debut with commercials. And being a launch partner could offer the potential for marketers to help shape the ad model in this new ecosystem.

Unsurprisingly, ad loads will be much lower than on linear TV. Peacock will be deploying prime pods, which are the one-minute commercial breaks that NBCU has been utilizing on its linear networks over the past year. Movies will be presented with more-limited commercials…[Read More]





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