Peloton’s terrifying new ad is the best horror movie in recent memory

Peloton’s terrifying new ad is the best horror movie in recent memory

To this day, there has never been a filmed sequel to the 1993 masterpiece that is Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. But now, modern society has been gifted a certain kind of nightmare before Christmas of its own: a commercial for the luxury stationary bike company Peloton that has the internet equal parts horrified and in horrific fits of laughter.

“This holiday, give your loved ones the opportunity to discover their strength, whenever they want it, all year long,” Peloton wrote in a description for the ad, officially known as “The Gift That Gives Back.” It’s a message open to ominous, yet slightly erotic, interpretation.

“Give them a gift that goes beyond the holiday season. Give the gift of Peloton.”

The commercial features an unnamed woman, who is given the gift of a Peloton by an unnamed man, most likely her partner. Stunned by his generosity, each day she films herself riding the Peloton in her home with quippy narration.

“Okay, first ride,” she says to her smartphone. “A little nervous, but let’s do this.”

Who is she talking to? The man? Was this a quid pro quo situation? Does she have other people tuning in every day to watch her do virtual spin classes? What do these viewers think?

These questions are never fully answered, but they seem to be the kind of videos one takes for their Instagram stories or for their friends on social media. It is unclear if this woman has friends beyond her partner, her child, and her Peloton.

The instructor “just said my name,” the woman, whom the instructor identifies as “Grace from Boston”, tells the screen.

And then the true horror occurs….[Read More]



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