The key to sustaining brand relevance? Continuous transformation

A brand’s long-term resiliency requires adaptability to stay in tune with consumer’s changing needs and have the confidence to adjust accordingly.

Right now, we’re in a turbulent time of brand transformation. New generations of consumers are seeking fresh, exciting experiences and are demanding new ways to interact with brands, particularly through digital innovations. Technology is a linchpin when it comes to providing customers with more powerful digital experiences. We’re seeing retailers interpret this by creating more open and interactive spaces with experiential stores, as well as investing more heavily in new tech integrations like smart mirrors. Restaurants are increasingly focusing on engaging eater-tainment models, blending food and interactivity. And every company, regardless of industry, is navigating how to integrate the latest and greatest tech capabilities to better serve, and impress, the modern consumer.

Today’s consumers are a tough crowd. They have little tolerance for shipping estimates longer than two days, they don’t just want to shop, they want to be presented with an experience, and they expect to do just about anything from their phones, from custom shoe fittings, to picking up groceries. And, thanks to the click-and-swipe nature of modern daily life, holding their attention is harder than ever.

For brands and businesses, this means the cycle of innovation is a fast spinning wheel. Today’s consumers can be tough to attract, and are even quicker to lose, should a competitor offer a compelling new value proposition or innovative experience. And while this can be disconcerting, it’s important to remember that they are open to new things and are willing to trial new brands that break boundaries and offer this to them… [Read More]

Roger Chiocchi

A life-long advertising and marketing professional, Roger is VP-Marketing at Signature Brand Factory. Prior to that he spent 20+ years on Madison Ave as a Sr. VP at Young & Rubicam and President of Y&R subsidiary, The Lord Group.



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