Three Digital Trends That Are Shaping Marketing Today

Everyone wants to know which trends are going to shape the next 5-10 years in business.

While nobody has an exact read on what is happening, if you look at human behavior, it is generally fairly easy to predict what’s around the corner.

Thanks to my work in the digital marketing industry, I see a lot of emerging technology and the new behaviors they create. In this article, I would like to share three of the digital trends I’ve noticed starting to take hold that may be worth incorporating into your business.

1. Static Site Generators

In the early days of the web, most websites were static, meaning they were simple HTML that ran on the client side (within a user’s browser). There was no need for plugins, APIs or a full CMS to make the site run.

But, as technology has evolved, the web development world has grown increasingly complex. Running a site effectively today requires a ton of moving parts. Template systems, databases and extendability have become the norm on most CMS platforms.

In the past few years, however, I’ve seen that static site development is making a comeback. Designing a website with static files allows it to be identically served (delivered) to users, removing the need for server-side processing. Today, this is achieved through the use of modern web frameworks and tools. Static site generators such as GatsbyJS are making this possible….[Read More]




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