Warby Parker Rolls Out Scout, Its First Contact Lens Brand

Warby Parker Rolls Out Scout, Its First Contact Lens Brand

After setting trends in both eyeglasses and direct-to-consumer business models over the past decade, Warby Parker is getting into contact lenses.

Starting today, customers can shop Scout by Warby Parker and buy either a six-day trial pack for $5 with a prescription or a 90-day pack for $110. Additionally, Warby Parker is selling other contact lens brands, such as Acuvue and Alcon. Dave Gilboa, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, said the brand was thinking about the new category launch “for several years.”

“We wanted to make [the contact journey] as easy as possible and make it [with] less friction and create a holistic experience for all of [our customers’] eye journeys,” Gilboa said.

According to Warby Parker, Scout took 18 months to develop, uses Centraform technology to reduce the feeling of the lens in the eye and comes in 80% less packaging than traditional contact lens brands use.

The lens itself arrives flat-up, making it easier to pick up and drop directly into the eye, and can easily be returned with no questions asked. While Warby Parker, which started in 2010, said the brand has been thinking about contact lenses for years, it was customer feedback that led to the new product.

“We always start with our customers and think about problems we can solve for our customers,” Gilboa said. “We recognize that 40% of our customers wear contacts regularly, and this would be an opportunity to introduce a great product and build on the brand and distribution points we created for glasses. We think this is an opportunity to bring new innovation to a space and leverage what we already built.” ….[Read More]

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