What a Clean Room Means for Amazon Advertising

Amazon is reportedly developing clean room technology to help its advertisers better understand the impact of their spend on consumer behavior—and shine a light on previously undisclosed performance metrics. The news was first reported by AdExchanger, which cited sources familiar with the product. Amazon had no on-the-record comment.

However, Price Glomski, evp of emerging commerce at digital agency PMG, told Adweek talks with large retail clients indicate Amazon’s advertising teams are “eager to evaluate something in the realm of a clean room.”

A clean room enables platforms and brands to combine, analyze and attribute aggregated first-party data and platform-side audience data in a privacy-centric way.

“This environment would maintain strict stakeholder access, a WiFi blackout and clean and disconnected devices for the project,” Glomski said. “Using separate source devices, the stakeholders work to join data sources in order to uncover performance truths.”

Mark Irvine, director of strategic partnerships at search marketing company WordStream, said this is important because while advertisers know customers interact with their online ads thanks to data like impressions and click-through rates, customers’ next steps can be blurry.

Irvine said that 96% of customers don’t buy an item on their first search or visit to a site, so “understanding how our ads influence their later decisions and journeys is paramount to our overall marketing success,” he added. “Google and Facebook allow advertisers to track a user returning to their site or their navigation between different Google and Facebook properties, but Amazon is a sea onto itself.” …..[Read More]

Roger Chiocchi

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