Why Advertisers Will Use Video Content For Effective Marketing In 2020

Why Advertisers Will Use Video Content For Effective Marketing In 2020

Gone are the days when marketers had to buy ad space after negotiating with various rival companies; today, every nation of the world is adapting to an approach which is “digital-first” and the internet penetration is increasing rapidly even in the most remote corners of the world. Digital media is bridging barriers between rural and urban India. Access to the internet has become cheaper and infiltrated in every part of our lives, which now enables marketers to use more dynamic marketing options on digital.

Video marketing can be an extremely useful opportunity for marketers because video on digital has doubled in the past few years and there is no such thing as “prime consumption in me” anymore. People now consume video content while traveling to or from work – in trains, buses, during lunch breaks or during dinner at home. Which is why video marketing is now a popular new option among global as well as Indian marketers. Video advertising increases brand metrics and a relative lift on essential aspects like ad recall and overall brand awareness. 

Earlier in the 2000s, content marketing started out subtlety. Video content was primarily used as placements in films, depicting product usage clearly. Product placements in films and television draw the audiences’ attention and are hard to miss, especially when they are incorporated within its storyline. It’s called “product placement” because the format requires the product to be placed within the content, as subtly and organically as possible. In today’s time, it is easier for smaller businesses to create their own video content with easily available templates, along with many tools that are available on Facebook and other social media platforms. By 2020, many easier and simpler templates will be available – enabling marketers to create and publish their video content on the move …[Read More]



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